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How do you choose the right contractor?
Here’s a checklist of things to consider when selecting your contractor

dot State licensed contractor (must provide a contractor’s number)
Has never had a complaint filed or had disciplinary action taken against them
State Insured contractor (ask to see certificates)
Workman’s compensation and General Liability
dot Business Longevity:
   In business with the same business name and State of Florida address
dot Stability and Permanence:
   Has a physical business office and address in the State of Florida
dot Reference Check (Yes, you should check references)
dot Positive prior/current references from at least 5 customers
Specializes in the work you want performed
Scope and Price (All items are required in writing)
Detailed description of the scope of work along with price

Why hire a licensed contractor?

It’s the same reason you do not want an unlicensed dentist, doctor or lawyer working for you. This is the only way you can protect the value of your home, protect yourself, your family and your neighbors. The unauthorized and illegal services performed by an unlicensed contractor will be the liability of the customer who hired them. Can you afford those risks?

Before You Hire a Contractor...
Confirm You Found a Qualified and Licensed Contractor


How can I protect myself and property against construction liens?
Do you realize that even though you pay your general contractor the full purchase price, if you do not comply with the requirements of the Florida lien law, you may end up paying construction liens filed by unpaid subcontractors and suppliers even though you already paid the general contractor.  The Florida construction lien law has the effect of shifting the risk of nonpayment to the owner if the owner fails to comply with the lien law. There are specify and defined steps you need to take before entering a contract with your contractors, all the way through the construction process until and including the final payment and close out. KbH Consulting Inc. has the knowledge and experience to assist you through all the necessary steps and protect you.

Why should you be careful when hiring an out of state contractor?
According to a news release from the Office of Consumer and Business Regulation, out-of-state crews will often canvass damaged areas and offer repairs. Too often, they say, the work that these contractors do does not follow local building codes. “Unfortunately, weather disasters such as this week’s tornadoes are often followed by unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of consumers who are stressed, anxious, and vulnerable,” said Barbara Anthony, the Undersecretary of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. “These crews offer seemingly good deals, done fast, but in the long run may cause significant problems for homeowners.

Is the lowest bid the best bid?
Absolutely not! Remember the old adage: “You get what you pay for.” Nothing will do more to damage your project than openly bidding to anyone who comes along. Do not commit to taking the low bid. Rather, take the most beneficial bid. After you've gone through the entire process you may take all of the information and find that the low bid is not necessarily the best bid. After the bids are in, you may want to call some of the bidders in and ask additional questions to clarify who is the right choice. This will also help you to understand differences in how their bids appear with self-performed work, time schedules, insurance and warrantees.

Why Choose KbH Consulting Inc?
KbH Consulting Inc. has the experience, the credentials and proven success record to accomplish what we set out to do. Our desire and passion is to help people with construction or difficult situations and treat our customers with extraordinary care and professionalism. KbH Consulting Inc’s core values of integrity, efficiency, quality work and superior service remains our prime focus. Our name and our reputation mean a lot to us and we proof that with every project we are involved with.

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